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www.rallysales.eu- 2017 and Beyond!

Now in 2017 our website is reaching to new audiences, a wider scope and sales statistics for your rally cars, parts, and crew wear are also up on 2016!

In January 2016 we recorded a record 11230 unique users on Rallysales in that month, a figure nearly repeated in March, and we are now consistently around the 9000 mark every other month. The Facebook page www.facebook.com/Rallysales currently has 15186 likes as of 30th January 2017, and is climbing. With every ad being posted by us free of charge on our Facebook site, this is valuable marketing for any rally cars for sale.

The team too have focused more on Twitter with more regular up-dates and our followers have also risen steadily @rallysales

So what next? We are currently working on some detail changes on the website, and trying to expand our shop end to offer high quality rally products at discount prices. A Buy It Now option is planned for these items making buying much simpler. We are also planning to enable the user to ad video clips to their listings, and finally put into action our promised E-Mail Newsletter campaign.

Also we would like to say a big thank-you to anyone that has advertised on our website over the past two years, and we are always on the look-out for any feedback and recommendations, so don’t hesitate to e-mail us on info@rallysales.eu

Buy It, Sell It, Rally It on Rallysales.eu!


www.rallysales.eu has reached new heights in October 2013, and is set to climb higher during November and December. We recorded a record 8663 individual users in October, with a total of 1052340 hits!! It just means that if you want to advertise your rally car, parts, equipment or business then you are hitting the right audience, and a rally audience, which is rapidly growing since the site’s inception in April 2012.

Our Facebook page www.facebook.com/Rallysales now has over 5350 likes, and is also growing rapidly. The number of cars/items sold on this website is also multiplying, as can be seen on the listings as rallysales.eu.

With our ads for cars starting at just £5 and parts at £2.50, and payments accepted through our secure Pay-Pal system it’s an ideal time to get selling!


Rallysales.eu was started in April 2012, as a dedicated website for rally cars for sale, parts for sale, trailers and transporters, crew equipment and even rare rallying memorabilia. It’s a website started by an enthusiast for enthusiasts and it offers anything rallying to be advertised from a new WRC car to a rare rally programme!

Starting with just 83 unique visitors in the opening weeks, by December 2012 the site had 5279 unique visitors, clocking 9275 visits and 497536 hits in that one month. And we are still growing fast, with our search engine rankings now overtaking the market leader on many searches. The Facebook page www.facebook.com/Rallysales started in June has now over 3400 likes and climbing, and is updated on a daily basis, and is another feature when listing on our website. We are also on Twitter @rallysales

Now you can link your trade business in with rallysales.eu/.co.uk for as little as £50 per month.

We are offering your logo down the side for this bargain price. Your logo will directly click through to your website, benefitting from our large rally audience. Added to that we also give you a featured listing for a month, and a dedicated post on our Facebook page, so it represents one of the best deals in any rally related advertising. Several companies have already benefitted from their association with rallysales.eu, and now is your chance in this fast growing classified website.

For more information on this unique opportunity contact  our advertising sales manager-Andrew:
00 44 (0) 7966 484201  E-Mail: info@rallysales.eu


The Rallysales.eu logo on Mark Donnelly's Renault Clio R3


Rallysales.eu is an associate sponsor of the Junior 1000 Rally Challenge Ireland